Wellcome to Panasia-Home Furntiure:

Panasia was build in 2009, and we have worked in chair furniture production over 10 yeas. From 2020, Panasia start online e-commerce retailer. Panasia is a mordern furniture online store that sell a range of homeware, kitchen, Living Room,Bedroom,garden,outdoor and office furniture to our U.K. and Ireland customers.

At Panasia, we have a top design team to provide customers with comfortable and ergonomic dining chairs. Thanks to our complete automatic furniture production line and rich expererience, we can offer high quality home furniture to our client at reasonable prices.

With 5 warehouses in the U.K. and Germany, Panasia is able to place the focus on you, you can easily decorate your home with furniture from Panasia.

Excellent products, innovative designs and superb customer service - all at a price which is affordable and within reach for all. Panasia motto is better and comfortable life, you will have a better life.

Panasia offer:

  • Free shipping & 30 days right of cancellation.
  • Excellent design, High quality at lower prices.


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